12 Tips for Setting Sail Onboard Your Own Boat in 12 Weeks Or Less

Living aboard your own boat
Living aboard your own boat can be a fun way to explore the world. Flickr/musimpanas

If full time travel, or at least an extended sailing adventure on the seas, has been a burning passion for a while, here are four reasons you can’t afford to wait, four ways to free yourself to wind the wind in your sails fast, and four must visit destinations to put on your itinerary.

4 Reasons You Can’t Afford to Wait to Set Sail on Your Boating Adventure

1. Stop Putting the Cart before the Horse

Too many individuals have allowed themselves to be fooled into thinking they need to make all the money and retire before they can set sail. Ironically, travel, especially yachting is one of the vehicles for achieving success. Kaya Wittenburg who just docked in Miami after a photo shoot on a yacht off the coast of Great Exuma, Bahamas, and has developed a reputation for consulting for the top brands in the world says travel is one of the essential tools for getting to the top. Plus, many expats and full time travelers will find they instantly get a 20% bump to their annual income just from eliminating taxes.

2. Your Kids

Mobile entrepreneur Brecht Palombo who recently took off for full time travel with 3 young kids describes one of his major motivators as the terrible inefficient and ineffective education in schools today. There are pioneers in education trying to fix this, but the years of turmoil while ironing out new approaches to teaching and learning might truly leave many of today’s young students stuck in the abyss of poor grades and being poorly equipped for the world after school. There is nothing like real world learning.

3. Rising Housing Costs on Land

Over the past few years housing costs in top locations like San Francisco, London, and Miami have shot up by as much as 60% for buying, and 50% for renting. This is only likely to continue with forecasts by Oxford Economics predicting housing prices in key areas to rise by another 30% or more in the next 5 years. At the same time many leading minds are questioning whether there is a real global recovery in the works, or a volcano brewing that is about to erupt. In contrast it can be a great time to score a fantastic deal on a yacht, boat insurance, and other travel essentials.

4. Tomorrow is Never Promised

Tomorrow is never promised, and there will never be the perfect moment when everything is in total alignment to take off on your dream life. Those that are still waiting or trying to save their way there are most often just letting life float by them. It’s time to hoist that anchor!

4 Ways to Free Yourself and Fund Your Boating Adventure

1. Go all in, Now

Sometimes all that is needed is to step out and get onboard. If you don’t get over the doubting and excuses now, how is that ever going to change later? Commit and you’ll get through it. Buy the boat, or charter one if you need to. Grab your boat insurance, pack the basic necessities and just go. Odds are you can actually figure out all the rest from the water or your next port.

2. Cash Out

There are boat loans, personal loans and even peer to peer crowdfunding websites out there to cover any difference in down payment you need to finance your trip. Most will also find they’ve accumulated a lot more than they think. If you liquidated everything, sold the furniture, and held a yard sale for all that junk in storage you’ll never use you might be surprised how far you can get with what you’ve already got. There are also fractional ownership yacht plans that may enable you to set sail for the next quarter while you shop for a new marine vehicle.

3. Work from the Water

Over 60% of the world’s workforce are already working remotely or are on their way there. Between outsourcing platforms like oDesk and endless travel and boating magazines needing travel writing, original photography and podcasts there should be no reason most can’t hit the water and make as much or more money than they were on land. The Hemingway family recently did it, and ended up starting a new online business reporting on their trips.

4. Invest on Land

For those land lubbers that have trouble letting go and either need to supplement their income every month, or need more upfront capital, investing in real estate can be a great option. International property investment companies like IP Global are aiding expats and global investors to obtain attractive yields and cash flow from investing in rental properties. In the USA Market Watch recently reported those buying and selling houses for profit made an average of over $100,000 on each home in several cities, and a little under $50,000 each on a national average.

The 4 Must Visit Ports of 2015 You Never Thought Of…

1. Necker Island, BVI

Necker Island is Sir Richard Branson’s private domain in the British Virgin Islands. There are few places as exquisite on the planet. For those that still haven’t acquired their own watercraft there is always the option of using Branson’s Neck Belle. Branson is also running an entrepreneurship contest and giving away a chance to meet and be mentored by him there.

2. Margarita Island, Venezuela

Just off the coast of Venezuela is the duty free port of Isla Margarita. A small carefree isle offering all the legendary beauty of Venezuela, without the political mayhem.

4. Naples, USA

Naples, FL offers the lure of sailing into one of the most elite enclaves in America where there are equal portions of luxury and natural beauty to be explored. Consider a trip up to Barefoot Beach to get away from the crowds. It’s also the perfect spot for an amazing beach wedding.

5. Michigan, USA

While far from the bareness of the Artic or the exoticness of Malaysia sailing into Michigan Harbor offers the chance to check into nearby beach cottages and take to rapids in canoes, great fishing, and an urban adventure in Detroit. According to Inman News properties that previously sold for over $120,000 have recently been trading for the new iPhone 6. This could either be the chance to make a mint as an entrepreneur in the local land market, or perhaps the last glimpse of a once great city which is on its way to becoming the next Mayan ruins.

Wherever you are going, however you plan to get there, just stop putting it off, grab your travel or boat insurance to limit your liability, and set sail…