Sumatra: A Surprising Piece of Indonesia

Sumatra is full of surprises.
Sumatra is full of surprises. Photo by Silvia Martin

Although Sumatra rhymes more with active volcanoes, rugged landscape and a fair bit of adventure, it also boasts some splendid beaches. Discover the new address of paradise: it is located in Sumatra, not far off the coast of Padang. From Bungus Bay, you can easily take a boat and spend a day island-hopping or snorkelling on Pagang Island, for example. You’ll find that the white sand is so pure that is sparkles in the sun. The unbelievably clear water gives you an excellent view of the underwater world – so fascinating you’ll have to remember to breathe.

Yes, Sumatra is surprising and peculiar in so many respects. Temples dedicated to various religions (Islam, Protestantism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Catholicism, and Confucianism) rise one next to the other, a reminder that tolerance and coexistence are still possible.

The food is spicy without exception and tasty beyond belief. The people wear a constant smile and display a vivid curiosity towards the foreigners. There is something for everyone. Sumatra definitely knows how to generously immerse the traveler into its colorful distinctiveness and has everything to seduce those who venture on its paths. So next time you consider Indonesia, remember that Sumatra is well worth a detour. One more piece of advice – in the big cities like Medan (capital city of North Sumatra) and Padang (capital of West Sumatra), watch out for that motorbike. Otherwise, enjoy the ride!

If You Go to Sumatra:

Recommended tour company: G Adventures
Flying in and out of Sumatra: Medan Kuala-Namu Airport

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