Seychelles: More Than Just a Honeymoon Paradise

Travel in Seychelles means incredible views like this.
Travel in Seychelles means incredible views like this. Photo by Nicoletta Pavese

Lush. It’s the first word that comes to my mind when I step into the tropical heat of Mahe Island in Seychelles. There is green stuff, EVERYWHERE.

On our way to the villa, my taxi ride is spent imagining the dinosaurs that would seem to be right at home in this Jurassic Park-like scenery. This thought is interrupted when we begin crossing Morne Seychelloise National Park, which divides the island’s commercial east side from the wilder west side.

I perk up when our taxi driver tells us Seychelles’ number one rule: “Take it easy. The secret to life in Seychelles is avoiding stress.

When we arrive at the villa, I start to understand what he means. If I could wake up to THIS view every day, there would be no reason for me to be stressed.

Watching the sun go down in Seychelles
Sunset in Seychelles. Photo by Nicoletta Pavese

Just when I am about to get used to this incredible view, sunset comes, and with it, the birds. I don’t need to tell you that the sunsets are those kind that make you want to grab a stranger just to be able to enjoy such a beautiful thing with someone, but the sounds of the hundreds of birds singing is absolutely mesmerizing.

It takes a few seconds to understand what exactly we are looking at, but then the furry face and unmistakable wings tell us that there are bats in Seychelles. BIG BATS.

Another big thing in Seychelles are tortoises. Seychelles is the only other place in the world besides Galapagos where giant tortoises still live. Later, we’re lucky to have some pretty close interactions with six of these buddies lounging in our hotel’s garden. It’s safe to say they steal our hearts. It’s a shame they grow so big or they would be wonderful pets.

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