Private Island Getaway in Tanzania

Dining on Lupita Island
Dining on Lupita Island

If you’ve ever dreamed of escaping to your own private island, then you’re in luck. Lupita Island is an enchanting resort sanctuary on a 130-acre private island in Tanzania, and it offers all the relaxing solitude of your own island without having to spend millions to get it.

Located in the Rukwa region of western Tanzania on Lake Tanganyika, Lupita Island is an all-inclusive resort.  Lake Tanganyika stretches the distance between Los Angeles and San Francisco, and is the longest and second deepest lake in the world. Its crystal clear waters are home to abundant marine life, offering a wealth of underwater fun for those who enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving and swimming.

Most travelers come to Tanzania for safaris, though. Lapita Island offers safari excursions to Jane Goodall’s Gombe Stream Chimpanzee Preserve and into the Katavi and Serengeti through partner Firelight Expeditions.

Lupita IslandGuests can also enjoy spa treatments on a private balcony, helicopter rides through waterfall-filled landscapes, or excursions to local villages. Other guests prefer to cruise aboard the resort’s “Windsor Rose” in search of secluded beaches or good fishing.

Dining at Lapita Island Resort is a highlight, whether an intimate dinner on the beach or feasting on the chef’s latest creation of just-caught fish. Lupita Island’s chefs specialize in local African cuisine with a twist, and are renowned for their tantalizing desserts. Delicious grilled Nile perch and seasoned Kuwe are popular dishes.

The resort has no more than 28 guests on the island at a time. Guests are housed in 13 well-appointed villas, positioned far enough apart to allow guests to relax in their own forest surroundings. The open-air thatched villas reflect an African luxury style, and are perched high on the hillside to deliver peace and ultra comfort.

All villas have large rooms, from 1,800 square feet to 2,400-square-feet two bedroom suites. Bathrooms offer powerful waterfall showers and bathroom walls open to nature. Each room includes bathtubs or plunge pools on the deck or terrace, a large lounge with a bar and beautiful views of the surrounding lake and neighboring islands.

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